As a contemplative community, we endeavor to center our lives on the mystery of Christ present in the Eucharist

Community life is the fulfillment of the Eucharist in our life

God has given us to one another as a gift, a responsibility and a mystery

Our sharing with one another comprises not only the good but also human weaknesses and imperfections

We are aware that within each Sister dwells the Trinity, and our attention to her is attentiveness to God within

Although we live in the midst of community, we dwell in solitude before God

We are grateful for the experiences and enrichment that are ours as a result of the international character of our communities

We make use of the leisure time offered us, so that we may experience the wholesome rhythm of prayer, work and relaxation that is conducive to contemplative life

Together, we strive to discover God’s love, our love-response and the art of resting in his heart, the source of love, mercy and joy

Daily living in a joyful spirit of mutual appreciation of different cultures makes us more vibrant and vigorous contemplative missionaries

Trust is a gift we mutually offer to one another

In common recreation, we endeavor to be devoted to one another in cheerful simplicity

Love will make us inventive as to how we can fulfill the purpose of recreation for all the members of the community

We are called to create a solidarity built on our common values, hopes, aspirations and commitment

We endeavor to grow in love that shares in fears and joys, difficulties and hopes, with that warmth that knows how to accept every person

Since it is the Holy Spirit who has brought us together, we honor him by accepting one another in love

Our differences in abilities, talents and gifts constitute the wealth of our community and equip us for its service in the Church