Embrace the world with love in unceasing adoration beneath the triune God’s loving gaze

Uninterrupted we have the privilege of drawing from the font of salvation and also of opening this font for others in the world whenever we make it possible for them to participate in our liturgy.

As perpetual adorers, we keep a restful silence in the presence of the ever—greater God

In keeping with our Founder’s desire, we feel a special obligation towards the Church’s missionary activity and towards the sanctification of priests

Our entire contemplative life in union with the Lord is one act of intercession, that all may have fullness of life

Hidden from the world, we offer our lives and prayers for the sake of humanity

We witness by our life spent in silence and recollection that this is the only way to find God and oneself


We live the sacrifice of the Mass on the altar of our lives when, united with Jesus, we offer ourselves and are offered for the life of the world.

By our life and service we witness to the fact that God lives and is present in his world